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Online Store Standards | First Impressions Count

Online Store Standards | Remove the Chaos

Online Store Standards and creative web design is a term overlooked in todays design world. Too often the emphasis is on churning out the same images and textual content to get an average looking website. There is more to creating the right look you think your business needs. Instead the focus should be on how you want to make your customers feel, when they enter your website. If you ran a high street store would you leave wet cloths on the counter or mops strewn over the floor? The answer is no. Just as owning a physical presence in a high street store, the same applies to selling your products or services online.

Good HousekeepingOnline Store Tips

True there aren’t cloths or mops in an online store or website but there is the crucial attention to detail which is required. In this article, I will focus on the user experience, to improve online store standards.

The user experience begins at your front door; in online terms this is your snippet or Meta title and description. This is the link a customer would find while browsing in a search engine. The description should be representative of what you offer and with a title that clearly defines your business.

But wait…your door is really creaky, difficult to open and the handle are covered in jam. Not a good first impression for any customer. Of course I am talking about the time that your front page loads onto your customers browser. So while wiping the jam from their hands distracts the customer your front page is still loading. So far not a good experience and that’s before any browsing of any kind is done.   The business should have a spotless front door, which glides open and is free from 3rd party sticky materials on the handle.

Built for Speed | Online Store Standards

Server response time is absolutely crucial, your front page and indeed all your pages should load quickly. Google’s latest research cites that the average mobile landing page takes 22 seconds to load; further research confirms that 53% of people will leave if it takes longer than 3 seconds. So before customers even get through your front door, they are leaving…more than half of them.

So what can you do, to improve online store standards?Online Store Standards

Ask the right questions when you are getting a website or online store created and make sure that your front door is beautiful, clean and glides open to reveal your business.

First impressions count, make sure that your business is ready for e-clients.

Make sure it is tested thoroughly and check the results for yourself.  It’s your business and making sure the details are taken care of will make sure that customers are prepared to come through your door and browse your products or services.


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