Cold Kills iPhone

Cold Kills iPhone

Cold Kills iPhone | Shortened Battery Life

Cold Kills iPhone! So it’s winter and you’ve left the house and on your travels, you leave your iPhone in the car because you have a meeting or no need for the device for the next few hours.  On your return you pick up your phone to check your emails, texts or missed calls but alas the phone is dead with not a single drop of charge…how frustrating is that? You question why you chose an iPhone…has someone been on a Candy Crush marathon while you were in your meeting? Did you actually have a full charge…the doubt sets in…

Why This Happens

Yes you did charge your phone fully but the problem is the Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery which powers your treasured device, has a flaw. Although the design of these batteries ensure relatively quick charging, the downside is introduce sub-zero temperatures and the charge slips away faster than your monthly salary a week before Christmas.

How to prevent

Well if you venture out on the coldest days of the year…or if you’re in Scotland that’s most of the year, you would put a jacket on or something to keep you warm.  The same applies to your iPhone keep it warm, put it in a case or stuff it in a sock or keep it in your pocket, that way the charge will remain as will you the stability of any frustration levels and the urge to drive over your dead device.