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New concepts and businesses should be driven by the client base.  Creating a modern pixel perfect website may give the business owner what they want, but is it what potential customers want?  Business Sculptor use a different approach.  We don’t ask you how you would like the website built.  Our first question is…

…how do you want your customers to feel?

It is this thought process which will drive the project above all else.  It is important to consider your customers and target audience, as they will be the ones accessing your services.  So whether you are selling furniture or counselling services, it is important to know your client demographic.  Who are they, what are their interests, buying habits and age range.  Once this is established the design process can begin.


The technical aspect of the design is what we do, there’s no need to confuse or mind boggle you.  We understand what we need to do to ensure your new website design meets all current legislation requirements and is search engine friendly.  The process of having a website created for your business should be a smooth one, that is what we will make it.


We listen to what you have to say and consult with you accordingly.  You are in control and make the decision from the outset how this occurs.  If you are happy to communicate by email, or phone or face to face (geographic location allowing) or a mix of these, we can accommodate.  It’s your business after all, we want to ensure a positive experience throughout.


From the outset of the project a virtual roadmap will be created, so you know exactly what to expect during the web design process.  Key points will be written down so you know when different sections will be complete and when any reviews will take place and how this will occur.  The process is transparent and straightforward.

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